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fourth blog...say it aint so

We played St. Patricks Day at the Hamilton Club in Morris Run, PA...a grand night of celtic music and corned beef and cabbage.  We had a whole new line up of musicians that included Daria Guelig on concertina and Greg Smith on tenor banjo and Irish flute.  This is our pickup band while Bruce is on walkabout in Africa.  We still don't have a name yet, here are some of our thoughts:

Banished Misfortunates

Banished Celts

Banished Fortune

Banish the Bruce

Right Cheeky

Banish the Bugger

Banish the Clutter

Scatter the Clutter

Scatter the Gobshite

Knackered Misfortune

Arseways Knickers

Bruce's Knickers

Knickered the Bruce

Knackered Celts 

Gnarly Knickers

Knackered and Gnarly

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