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This post is to say that the seventh annual Robert Burns Supper and Poetry Slam had to be cancelled due to a lack of pre-sold tickets.  It had nothing to do with a haggis shortage, there is usually more than enough to go around.  I personally can't understand why folks would not be interested in a cozy get together of live Scottish music, a great Scottish meal, poetry and single malt scotch.  I guess Tioga County may not quite be ready for an on-going event such as this.  Traditions build slowly, let's hope it can be revived next year, but six years in a row is not too shabby I guess.  The event idea started when two brothers from NJ were walking down the street at the annual Dickens of a Christmas and heard me wandering the streets playing Great Highland Bagpipes....they asked where I was from and if I'd like to try and get an annual Burns Supper started in Tioga County.  Well, you don't have to ask me twice to put on a kilt, play pipes, eat haggis and drink single malt scotch.  My hats are off to some of the folks who helped keep it going these years.  When I get the spelling of their last names I will add them:  Jim, Jerry, Larry, Charlie and Pat.  Till the next time, celebrate Robert Burns among yourselves.  As Robert Burns once said "the best laid plans of mice and men oft' times go a stray".

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