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Clean up in blog 6...cleanup in blog 6

I am now relocated to Jim Thorpe, PA. I have been out of Liberty, PA since Hogmanay 2017 (new year's eve).  RushLight cigarbox banjo & guitar world headquarters has moved with me (as well as most of my other personal belongings).  I have been here since late March of this year.

I highly recommend that at least once every 5 years each person should pickup, then set down, every item they own, without ceasing, until they have lifted them'll get the picture.

I am "on the hill" behind downtown Jim Thorpe.  I now, once again, own my own lovely home and I am settling in just fine thanks...come up and see me sometimes.

I am working on forming a combo with a keyboardist/trumpet player friend of mine named John Bruner.  John happened to move in about a block away from me, within 3 days of my buying my home.  I have known John for years and admired his musicianship for more than 20 years...I feel real lucky.

Once we get a few sets under our belts, you will see us out playing in the area.  I hit some open mics, here and there.  I was also lucky enough to get my first ever solo gig opening for the hometown family band that goes by "Free Range Folk"...check them out at a venue near you

Fifth, blog blog

Well, the Christmas season is upon us...and some of the best music as well.  Seek it in your neighborhood.  Tonight I played at a local Lessons in Carols event at St. James Episcopal Church, the variety of songs and the level of talent were both worth braving the there was soup, bread and desserts to en joy afterwards.  I played a little known hymn  called "Air of Arrogance" on my low G pipes and even chanted along with the pipes in the middle...I even did a reading from the you missed the free meal.  

fourth blog...say it aint so

We played St. Patricks Day at the Hamilton Club in Morris Run, PA...a grand night of celtic music and corned beef and cabbage.  We had a whole new line up of musicians that included Daria Guelig on concertina and Greg Smith on tenor banjo and Irish flute.  This is our pickup band while Bruce is on walkabout in Africa.  We still don't have a name yet, here are some of our thoughts:

Banished Misfortunates

Banished Celts

Banished Fortune

Banish the Bruce

Right Cheeky

Banish the Bugger

Banish the Clutter

Scatter the Clutter

Scatter the Gobshite

Knackered Misfortune

Arseways Knickers

Bruce's Knickers

Knickered the Bruce

Knackered Celts 

Gnarly Knickers

Knackered and Gnarly

third blog - ever

This post is to say that the seventh annual Robert Burns Supper and Poetry Slam had to be cancelled due to a lack of pre-sold tickets.  It had nothing to do with a haggis shortage, there is usually more than enough to go around.  I personally can't understand why folks would not be interested in a cozy get together of live Scottish music, a great Scottish meal, poetry and single malt scotch.  I guess Tioga County may not quite be ready for an on-going event such as this.  Traditions build slowly, let's hope it can be revived next year, but six years in a row is not too shabby I guess.  The event idea started when two brothers from NJ were walking down the street at the annual Dickens of a Christmas and heard me wandering the streets playing Great Highland Bagpipes....they asked where I was from and if I'd like to try and get an annual Burns Supper started in Tioga County.  Well, you don't have to ask me twice to put on a kilt, play pipes, eat haggis and drink single malt scotch.  My hats are off to some of the folks who helped keep it going these years.  When I get the spelling of their last names I will add them:  Jim, Jerry, Larry, Charlie and Pat.  Till the next time, celebrate Robert Burns among yourselves.  As Robert Burns once said "the best laid plans of mice and men oft' times go a stray".

second blog...whatever

The band is working on our Scottish tunes for the Burns Supper.  We are working with a guest musician that day, named Greg Smith.  Greg is an accomplished luthier and musician.  Greg will be joining Anne and I for Burns night.  Greg will be playing Irish flute, tenor banjo and guitar.  We are looking forward to more dates with Greg, and at some point with Greg sitting in with the entire Vernal Pool band.  In the mean time, we hope you all have had a restful holiday season.

first blog...whatever a blog is

I'm not quite sure....but I think a blog is kind of like a newsletter.  Well, in that case, the band is busy polishing up our seasonally favorite instrumentals.  We are working on lots of Christmas music from around the world, some Yuletiding types of music and even a Hannukah song.  Every year we promise ourselves that we will put out a Holiday CD, but it never happens.  I guess we will see what happens this year.

Check out our events calendar, if you enjoy holiday music (as much as I do), then you will have several opportunities to catch the band.  Sunday 11/29 at the Penn Wells brunch, the following Saturday at the Wellsboro Dickens of a Christmas (at the Gmeiner art Gallery) and Sunday 12/13 Anne and I will be doing a short performance as part of "Lessons in Carols" at St. James Episcopal Church in Mansfield.  That's all the news for now...stay warm and have fun.


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